Dedicated SMTP Servers

Enterprise-grade features, an easy to use interface and world-class support.

Sendizo Dedicated SMTP Solution infrastructure can solve your delivery issues — quickly. We maximize the number of emails that reach recipients’ inboxes by using our own IP addresses and monitoring your emails for anti-SPAM compliance. By improving your deliverability to get the highest return on every marketing dollar you spend.

Why Sendizo Enterprise Solution ?

If you are business owner, business starter, owner of a product(s) or a high volume sender that has a list of 50k subscribers or more and looking for a dedicated solution to deliver you newsletters, automation emails, marketing emails and even transactional emails with an A+ deliverability than you are on the right place.

  • Dedicated server with dedicated resourses.
  • world-class deliverability, Fully secure and total privacy.
  • FREE 24/7 premium support & dedicated team of specialists.
  • Give you a peace of mind & Reduced Overhead.

Sendizo is ready to co-pilot and automate your email stategy.

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